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The best thing about ILM is that nowadays you are able to fly to most of the big cities around the world. This is a big achievement for the zealous people of Wilmington. Indeed their effort to champion for this airport and their continued support has paid off – big time! All you need to do is check with your travel agent who will arrange for your tour of a lifetime, whether it’s  for vacation or business. Among the airlines which have international flights from ILM, you will find yourself comfortably transported to your destination by American Airlines, Delta, Air France and KLM.  Right from Wilmington you can fly to any one of the following places.

Even if a direct flight is not available, you don’t need to worry because there’s a convenient connection:

Paris, France

American Airlines operates direct flights from ILM to Paris. If you are thinking of a vacation, you may want to land in Paris and have a wonderful time sightseeing, trying out the wine tasting, attending the music festivals and taking a bus tour around the city. Some of the best places you cannot leave Paris before visiting are the iconic Eiffel Tower, from where you can see the Paris city skyline and the surrounding landmarks. A sail along the banks of River Seine will give a closer look at the legendary sights like the Notre-Dame Cathedral, among other great sights.

You can find out the next available flight and airlines to Paris from the travel advisors at travelocity.

Rome, Italy

This medieval city is another popular destination you can find yourself easily getting to from Wilmington. And you have plenty of choices on how to get there because American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air France and KLM will pick you straight up from ILM and transport you to Rome. Those who go to the backyard of the Pope are known not to offend the head of the Vatican when they join the locals for craft beer drinking. But before you taste the beer at Bohemian Pigneto, don’t forget to tour the Colosseum and Vatican Museums and pay a visit to the ancient city center.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

You have no excuse not to go to this part of Europe. This commercial capital of the Netherlands with a long history in trade and entrepreneurialism can be your next destination if you are willing to board American Airlines, Delta Airlines and KLM right here from Wilmington International You have a lot of things to do while here. Shop, cycle, visit the Van Gogh Museum during the day, and in the evening enjoy a canal cruise and see the illuminated merchant houses, winding walkways, and old bridges. Take your dinner inside the Amsterdam Dining Train as you head for more attractions in the countryside.

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Madrid, Spain

Here you’ll have a chance to do several things and get a feel for this lovely historical city. You may decide to start off your trip by touring the beautiful royal palace. Visit the spectacular cities of Toledo and Segovia where you can learn about the rich history of Spain while witnessing magnificent ancient architectural elaborate cathedrals, spectacular city streets, and charming medieval constructions. I think if you go back to Wilmington without taking the high-speed train to Valencia, you would not be doing justice to yourself.

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London, UK

All you need to do is fasten your seat belts on board American Airlines because their pilots have been cruising this route for several years now. There’s a lot to do while in London. You can start by a tour around the city in one of the iconic double-decker buses as you tick and cross off a list of various landmarks you will surely want to take a closer look at. Although you will see London from the ground, you may once again have a chance to have an aerial view of this great city by visiting the London Eye. From here you’ll see some of the spectacular landmarks like the River Thames, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Now take the next step and knock on the doors of all those places for a real lifetime experience.

Currently, there are no direct flights to London, so you may have to connect through Charlotte, NC, or more likely via Atlanta, which are the most popular routes as advised by travel advisors at Fare Compare. See when to catch the next available flight.

These are just some of the fabulous international destinations where you can fly using ILM as your starting point. The airport authority continues to attract investors in the airline industry so that more routes and passengers can be brought on board.

As you can see, you don’t have any excuse to stop you from being more adventurous and tour any part of the world because ILM is a truly international airport.

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