January 2022

Vacation In Wilmington Starts With Finding The Right Hotel


All vacationers know that a good hotel makes your experience way better. If you are in a beautiful place, but your accommodation is not what you expected or paid for, a beautiful holiday can turn into a full-on nightmare. Luckily, we can advise you about the best hotels in Wilmington…

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Wilmington International Airport Adds Seasonal Route

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ILM, one of the airports in North Carolina and which has been growing now in leaps and bounds to hold a place as the fourth largest airport in the state, has some good news to holiday goers. A seasonal route has been designed to cater for the large numbers anticipated…

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Wilmington International Airport Goes Domestic – Best Places To Travel To

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Right here on American soil, there are plenty of places to connect to. ILM was a national airport from its inception in 1927, and it serves several domestic airports. You can fly to Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia or New York direct, or use these cities to make convenient connections to more…

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WIA – Best Destinations to Travel To

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The best thing about ILM is that nowadays you are able to fly to most of the big cities around the world. This is a big achievement for the zealous people of Wilmington. Indeed their effort to champion for this airport and their continued support has paid off - big…

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