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Cape Fear – What Can You Do At This Natural Wonder?

Cape Fear is one of the best beach destinations in the country but not many people know of its existence. It is a great place where you can see dolphins, fish, get lost in nature, do kayaking and many other things. Read on and find out which are the best activities in this beautiful place. – New Series

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Go To The Beach

Let´s face it: Cape Fear is a beach destination. Yes, the roaring sound of the ocean coupled with the golden sand and the bright sun above our heads is so appealing that this might be the first thing you want to do upon arrival. There are many different beaches you can go to for a different experience. In fact, it is safe to say that Cape Fear has a beach for every taste of beach-goers:

  • Carolina Beach Boardwalk – Head to this tourist-busy destination to have some active fun under the sun with the shops, bars and many activities available at hand. This is a great destination for those who love to do more than just lay in the sand facing the sun and getting nice and brown.
  • Freeman Park – This is a great destination for those who like the combination of a quieter shoreline together with a little bit of nature and the normal movement you would expect from a park with people coming and going.
  • Fort Fisher State Recreation Area – This destination is for those who love to be completely alone and isolated from civilization when on vacation. This area of six miles of non-developed shoreline will satisfy those needs and for those who love fishing there are three piers where you can spend the entire afternoon taking fish after fish.

Cruise Through Amazing Open River Waters

Open waters at Cape Fear are unlike the majority you might know from other places in the world. When sailing or navigating the open waters of this wonderful place you can see dolphins, fish and wonder with the breathtaking sunsets over the water. There are plenty of ways to do it: you can book a tour, rent a boat or even buy one to leave it at a marina and come back to it whenever you feel like. For many visitors, this is the highlight of their visit to Cape Fear, make sure you don´t miss out.

Appreciate The Amazing Gardens

Well, it is true that the gardens are man-made, but the flowers and the beautiful nature growing on them are not. For example you can head towards Airlie Gardens and check out the 100.000 (yes one hundred thousand) azaleas blooming during spring and summer seasons. Also, the New Hanover County Arboretum is home of 33 gardens with an easy-to-explore layout that will take you through different species, aromas and colors. Nature is showing off in these places, make sure you have your camera ready.

Get Lost In The Parks

It is difficult to find a destination in the southern part of North Carolina that is as beautiful in terms of landscape as Cape Fear is. This is the main reason why the government decided to build an amazing chain of parks that allow you to appreciate the landscape while having fun with a plethora of different activities. The recommended one to start is the Carolina Beach State Park, a 761-acre natural wonder full of cool activities like camping and kayaking overlooking beautiful riverfront landscapes.

Feel Like Tom Hanks Discovering A Deserted Island

You don´t have to grow your beard or scream Wilson at the sky, but you will surely get on the skin of Tom Hanks when going to one of the region´s best-kept secrets: the desert islands. You can go there in kayak, taxi boat or booking a tour through them. Finding yourself in an isolated paradise can be one of the most relaxing experiences you´ve had in a long time. While you are there you can enjoy bird watching and all kinds of water-related activities. Head for Mansonboro Island Reserve and enjoy the beach like never before.


Taking advantage of the seasonal route added to Wilmington´s International Airport you can explore one of the best beach destinations in the United States. Don´t wait until everyone else finds out, be a pioneer!