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Have you ever thought how the world might be if everything revolved around work? That we were not meant to think beyond working, such that your plan for life is to live a working life, and when you quit, you drop? We might, therefore, be zombies who are only one-dimensional sort of creatures. But we could still be humans whose vision is to till and plough every little space that we find.

We try and package information which could help you next time you are looking for a place to take your family for a memorable experience.  We are dedicated to bring to you first hand information regarding the most attractive places where you can go and have an experience of a lifetime.

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The best thing about ILM is that nowadays you are able to fly to most of the big cities around the world.





The journey of WIA to becoming an international airport is one characterized by a story of passion, fate and resilience. It was not an outright commitment to succeed in the airline industry. In fact the early adopters would probably argue otherwise if they found today how the airport has grown, serving airliners which fly to almost all the corners of the globe. This is because it seems obvious their desire was for the airport to serve the elite residents of Wilmington, if the history of this airport is anything to go by.

Now with the availability of longer runways, a state-of-the-art terminal complex, specialized aviation staff, and customs and immigration facilities, the time was ripe for the airport now to become international. In 1988, it became the New Hanover International Airport in readiness to welcome planes - and their occupants - from far and wide, and a year later, the airport was handed over to the independent Airport Authority to oversee its operations.


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