Cultural Notebook Local Tourism News Part 2

Why Are Wilmington Tourist Attractions Attractive? A Wilmington Cultural Notebook – Part 2

But are Wilmington tourist’s attractions attractive really? Try answering a question with another question could probably be the shortest way to run away from it. In Part 1 I touched on a few of the delights of Wilmington. Read on for more inspiration to help you decide what to do and see here on the North Carolina coast.

Wilmington is not your average tourist destination; it’s a tourist haven where every tourist, old and young, big or small will find something fascinating to make a memory out of it. From the river walks, boardwalks, water sports, gardens, you name it – there are a basket-full list of things to do.

“This is the best place to have the whole family join in for a memorable experience.”

River Walks, Board Walks, and Piers

Make sure you have taken a walk along the mouth of Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean, as this is one of the most beautiful scenes you’ll ever come across. If you have never seen what happens when a giant river is swallowed by a mammoth ocean, you need to come see the Cape Fear River surrendering to the Atlantic Ocean in a place lined with shops, cafes and a boardwalk that has earned the place as a must-walk by national heritage gurus. Capture that moment also to take a swing in the ocean-front park and delve into the many ways provided by the natural beauty alongside amazing waters. Enjoy the fun of eating out in the moonlight or enjoy a breeze as you dine on delectable smoked prawns in the sunshine. You also need to go see the historic piers for a classic fishing spot.

Water Sports

Utilize the waterways fully! Have a ton of great fun with the available and overwhelming number of water sports activities. There are experienced surfing guides just in case you don’t know how to go about it. Explore the waters of Cape Fear River and salt marshes with a paddleboard; enjoy kayaking at its best. Don’t stop there! Be creative and try out under water sports.

Family Fun

This is the best place to have the whole family join in for a memorable experience. There are all sorts of activities to be enjoyed by all age groups. Some will like to slide in the water parks, others will have solace in the battleship reminding themselves of the WWII occurrences, and the list is endless.  There are kid-friendly museums.

Places like the Wilmington Railroad Museum and Children’s Museum of Wilmington will leave your little ones with fascinating memorable moments to narrate to their peers for the rest of their life.

Cape Fear Serpentarium, on the other hand, is a good family point to mingle as they see the over 150 animals and rare creatures found here. From snakes, lizards, to crocodiles – name it, and you will find amazing creatures which you never thought existed.

Also, take your family to explore Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park for a chance to enjoy the splash pool, wave pool, and the river as it lazily flows by. Slither down the slippery water slides which are great fun.

“This garden is open throughout the year.”

Other things to do

Don’t forget the Airlie Gardens which have 67 acres of beautiful period gardens, wildlife, 10 acres of lakes, the famous Airlie Oak which is over 470 years old, and walking trails. Or you may prefer to ride in a tram as you explore these vast grounds. This garden is open throughout the year, and has various other activities including monthly bird-spotting hikes, and summer concerts too. Taste the roasted oysters and spectacular winters of Enchanted Airlie featuring thousands of lights.

You can’t dare miss out the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design which offers the most spectacular examples of antebellum architecture.

The number of things to do here goes into numbers, and they are not just things to do, but are to be truly experienced. Going by how spectacular and memorable an experience they offer for the rest of your life, you won’t want to miss out. Probably you now can concur with me there are more than enough in attractions here in this beach city.

Read on for more in Notebook 3, and if you’re really covering all your bases, read this article compiled by on the things to do while in Wilmington.

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