Cultural Notebook Local Tourism News Part 1

Why Are Wilmington Tourist Attractions Attractive? A Wilmington Cultural Notebook – Part 1

How Wilmington became that spectacular may puzzle a few. But as anyone who is a resident, or who has visited, this is one of the hidden jewels of the Carolinas, dare I say, even of the US?! The city has all the best attractions converge in one place. Look at the rivers, the beaches, the historic downtown, old battleships. Everything that would make you spend hours watching is found here. Anyone looking to experience a different kind of attraction should look no further than Wilmington.

So if you are new to Wilmington, or even if you’re not, read on!


“Anyone looking to experience a different kind of attraction should look no further than Wilmington.”

Wilmington Yacht Charters

You’ll find some of the most spectacular scenes on board the various yachts that charter the Cape Fear River as it finds its way to the Atlantic. Sanjema II is one of the yachts and which has been modified to have a master, executive and VIP guest rooms and additional guest stateroom, private bath for guest quarters and crew quarters. You are able to see Wilmington from the larger open upper decks and the slow, flowing waters of the Cape Fear River. This is an attraction in a class of its own offering a very distinctive view of the surroundings.

Tregembo Animal Park

This is one of the oldest zoos in southern North Carolina. It’s privately owned and animals here are very well taken care of. Animal lovers are able to enjoy seeing some of the dangerous carnivores found in the tropics at a close range.  Schools and other educational tours sometimes use these facilities for learning purposes. Unlike most zoos, here feeding the animals is allowed under a watchful eye of an attendant. You cannot go to Wilmington and leave here without a tour of Tragembo which is run by the Tragembo family. There’s no other place you can come close to bears like here among other animals.

Wilmington Trolley

There’s a lot to see in the downtown historic district of Wilmington. The best way to see all these places is by using the old-fashioned trolley car. The trolley car has been maintained in its original form as much as possible, taking you back in time when it used to be a coveted mode of transport. Private charters are also available and one is able to see various attractions including the historical churches, museums, and Temple of Israel among other places.

Battleship North Carolina

“These are just a few of the wonderful things the city lets you enjoy.”

This ship is moored on the Cape Fear River at a downtown riverfront park. It has been here for the last 55 years and its majestic appearance on the riverbank is a reminder of its prowess during the height of the WWII. This ship is said to have won 15 battle stars before it retired in 1947. It serves both as an attraction and a memorial to North Carolina’s citizens who served in the military forces during the WWII.

Cape Fear River Boats

These boats operate between March and October. There are 3 vessels offering full Cape Fear River sightseeing experience. Private charters can also be organized. These boats offer luxury wedding facilities and a great place for family and groups to have a tour of the river as they share meals. Carrying your own food is allowed or else you can order from the riverbank hotels. There are different packages’ for sightseeing,  choose from between 1 to 4 hours of sightseeing tours where the captain will take you past various important sites and explain their details. Another is historical sightseeing, a one-hour cruise to familiarize yourself with the area.

There are Black River nature tours which begin in May, and you are taken deep in the wild waters of the Black River – some of the cleanest in the world. Here you’ll be accompanied by wildlife experts, and natural history and cultural heritage experts, who will keep disseminating interesting details and facts you would like to know concerning the area.

The attractiveness of these possibilities is enhanced by proper organization and the way they have been left to their natural state. These are just a few of the wonderful things the city lets you enjoy.

Read this article for all the attractions found in Wilmington as compiled by Wilmington Today.

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