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Wilmington International Airport Goes Domestic – Best Places To Travel To

Right here on American soil, there are plenty of places to connect to. ILM was a national airport from its inception in 1927, and it serves several domestic airports. You can fly to Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia or New York direct, or use these cities to make convenient connections to more global spots. The numbers of airlines which connect ILM to other parts of America have also increased, but American Airlines and its counterpart Delta Airlines continue to lead, having daily flights to those cities already mentioned.

Los Angeles, CA

There are several flights going there with different price ranges, which mostly depends on the time you make the booking. The further away your intended travel the cheaper it will be. So you can start planning early and get a booking made.

While there, remember you are in the city of films, and therefore a tour of Hollywood, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros Studios and Universal Studios – where you’ll get a chance to experience behind the scenes of the most popular movie sets – will be at the top of your list. Mingle with celebrities and take photos of iconic sites. Griffith Park to the east of St. Monica Mountains is a must-visit place to spend time, for there are a number of activities and things to watch. A drive through the mountains will give you an experience of a lifetime as you watch the city below. Disneyland’s Theme Park is surely another iconic place to visit.

Miami FL

There are various airlines to Miami from Wilmington International. Delta Airlines, American Airlines and others. Once you step foot in this city, you have more than enough places to go to and things to do. Your exploration may start you with a speedboat tour, which should shake up your experience as you head to Miami Port.

As you figure out how vessels maneuver the deep waters, take a deserved tour of the Everglades Airboat Adventure for a chance to see alligators and learn a thing or two as you wander along a jungle-walking trail.

Chicago, IL

The shores of Lake Michigan next to this great city, which is also the 3rd largest city in the US, make Chicago another popular destination. It’s ranked as the world’s 8th city with a record number of skyscrapers. Among the tallest buildings is the 100-story John Hancock Center – the 3rd tallest building in Chicago – with the Willis Tower, which rises 1450 ft above ground, taking first position. Find your way in one of the rooftop hotels and see the world above the skyline.

Apart from skyscrapers, Chicago is also known for other landmark destinations. These include Grant Park, nicknamed as “Chicago’s front yard”, and which is home to other iconic places like the Millennium Park with its welcoming architectural mystery know as the ‘Bean’. From here you will see how the Downtown skyline is mirrored wonderfully by the building’s exterior.  The Art Institute of Chicago is also within this park. We can’t forget the Navy Pier, a destination dynamo with its landmark signature, the Ferris wheel, which lifts riders 200 ft in the air.

As you go round and about, you can sample more than 1000 different cuisines from roof top restaurants here in Chicago.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is rich in attractions, with places of interest in almost every corner. But it has been made especially easy for all newcomers with its efficient transport and well-thought out tour guide systems. You can choose sightseeing while on board an electric car or bus with the help of a tour guide. Places to visit are diverse ranging from historical sites like the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, to museums, nature parks, as well as sampling the nightlife. But never miss a chance to go see anchors doing their thing live at CNN headquarters, and of course you can’t forget to sample Atlanta’s Southern Food.

There are several airlines which will take you there from ILM, just make sure to let your tour guide know well in advance your intended travel dates.

See a full list of airlines with daily flights from ILM to other local destinations from ILM website.

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