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Wilmington International Airport – How Is It Better Than Other Airports?

“There are various things that people look for when assessing the overall standing of an airport.”

Airports are crucial places because of the significant role they play when it comes to connecting people to destinations. The services you get when you are starting your journey could have a major impact on the whole of your travel experience. Suppose you are held up in the traffic for hours before getting to the airport? Once you set foot inside, you have to think of the long security checks along with potentially disgruntled TSA staff. Even if the carrier offers the best of pampering services, your journey may have more negative reminders in the terminals at either end.?

There are various things that people look for when assessing the overall standing of an airport.

The major concerns by many travellers usually revolve around comfort, service facilities and things to do, food options, immigration and security, customer service and cleanliness. It’s obvious that airports offer more than departures and arrivals. ILM is an airport I would describe as a mix of all the mentioned factors in a small airport. Notably, most small airports have a few available amenities. Apart from customer care and TSA agents, most amenities are lacking in smaller airports. But not here in Wilmington. Yes, I mean there are amenities and lots of them.

So much so, that your first wish may even be your flight being delayed for a couple of hours so that you can have more time in the art gallery where you will appreciate the many artefacts on display.

There is the Greater Willington Sports Hall of Fame, which displays plaques of the sports women and men who have excelled here. What of taking a trip down memory lane in the aviation industry where you’ll come one on one with one of the instruments used to train pilots? The historical instrument is on display here that will cause you to be transfixed to its amazing look and features for almost the whole day.

And it’s not just about having amenities, but how those amenities are delivered that matters. While it is yet small, because it’s yet to fly 2 million passengers annually, it’s big on innovation. The putting green has put ILM on the global map. Here you’ll feel like a pro in a PGA tournament because of the way it’s superbly caricatured. You can start warming up right here as you plan to tee off on the surrounding golf courses.

The attention your pet is accorded is also great, the relief areas and the lounge will make your pet keep thinking it’s out for a treat.

“Here you’ll find a calm rarely found in airports.”

But the best of it all is a lack of the number one nagging thing associated with all airports – long security lines. Here you’ll find a calm rarely found in airports. You don’t have to arrive two hours before your boarding time. This has been the most celebrated thing about ILM. Added to this, your luggage bag will be out in a record time and therefore you won’t yawn around the lounges waiting for your luggage.

Don’t think that the courteous staff are doing it just for the sake of it. It has been the culture of this airport to handle people that way. The staff, together with volunteers, will usher you in and give you more details regarding your travel and other facts about Wilmington area with a smile. Their professionalism, information, and commitment to attend to your needs will make you always want to be back.

Ask anybody who has been there and they won’t conclude their love for ILM without mentioning cleanliness and plenty of elbowroom and rocking chairs.

I thought everything fell into place here, but I came to realize it’s not that everything just happened. It has been a constant journey to keep improving this airport’s standing and no wonder numbers continue to grow.

I found something unique with the free Wi-Fi, and that there’s a way of dodging the promotional emails. Quite interesting – you can do your thing peacefully.

And now probably the greatest of all is the free car seat checks. I mean it! Here you’ll find experienced staff that have mastered this job very well. They will check and replace your car seats if any fault was found. I think that’s not just a customer service, it’s a human service, thanks to the management of ILM.

Sincerely speaking, many airports have tried to offer many services and amenities, but ILM, though a small airport, has really gone out of the way to meet every traveling human need as much as possible.

And I cannot be convinced otherwise; it’s better than other airports by far. Keep up the good work ILM!

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